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Welcome to the Skydeck!

We are the creative powerhouse of DB Systel and DB’s onestop-shop for technological innovations and advancements. We are constantly prototyping new ideal to provide access to new technologies and push digitalization within the organization. With creativity enhancing methods and techniques, we support our customers to form ideas into tangible prototypes. The Skydeck is a source of inspiration, platform and venue of a special kind. With the sort of start-up-atmosphere and aligning with that mentality, we take the creative approach, fast and unconventional. With this we push the digitalization forward in the DB Group.

The Skydeck Experience


Solidary, not solitary. We collaborate and interconnect with DB employees, partners, suppliers, start-ups, universities and other educational institutions, to move ideas forward together and to turn innovations into real solutions.

Creative Methods

Your project or idea requires a kick-start? You want to form a deeper understanding of a problem and identify viable solutions for it? We give you a break from your daily routine! We support you to explore different creative methods and techniques like Lego SeriousPlay, Spinner-Workshops, IntrapreneurStarter-Box and much more.

Design Thinking

With our experienced moderators, we offer you the chance to plan and lead Design-Thinking-Projects. We provide you with the right method-templates and the required tools and prototyping materials, the sky’s the limit for your creativity.


We love and live agility. And we share our experiences with agile practices through coaching and by organizing round-tables, supporting the agile community. Our mission is to learn from each other’s experiences, to support each other regardless the obstacle.


We discover the latest technology-trends and test their feasibility. Our Tech-Experts have a variety of options available, that help to get involved and build your prototypes. Be it at the “Hackathons“ or “Garage Days“ – we call it “hands-on and participate“.


Meet incredible people at Skydeck. Discuss technology trends and innovations, develop new ideas or get simply inspired. We frequently organize events covering interesting topics, to collaborate and share knowledge, but primarily to network and to have fun. Or you can also use the Skydeck for your own event.

Feel free to contact us in Berlin, Erfurt or Frankfurt.